Geospatial technology for community empowerment.

GeoMechanique helps communities efficiently utilize geospatial technology to manage their material, social and natural fabric. Leveraging the extensive capabilities of the ArcGIS® platform, we support a modern, well-formed context for defining, organizing, visualizing and managing the factors that comprise and affect our communities.

Planning & Community Development

Public Safety

Public Works

Natural Resource Management

Deep & diverse experience.

Our staff are well-qualified in the use, implementation and extension of the ArcGIS® platform. We have helped to empower organizations of all sizes with advanced location intelligence, resulting in successful implementations in the public and private sectors.

Staff Past Projects, Employers & Work Locations

Our qualifications at a glance:

  • 24 years utilizing Esri software

  • 18 years utilizing the ArcGIS Platform 

  • Successful working history with government agencies, utilities, transportation authorities, telecom providers and community organizations

  • ArcGIS expertise transcending many changes in technology, architecture and best practices

  • Adept with Esri solution patterns, information models, maps & apps

  • Expert at extending the ArcGIS platform with Esri APIs & SDKs

The diversity of our experience is a primary strength. We’ve worked to implement and extend the ArcGIS platform at all scales across multiple industry sectors. Our depth of knowledge allows us to provide our customers a comprehensive, interdisciplinary approach to configuring the ArcGIS platform with maximum benefit to the community.

At your service.

A member of the Esri Partner Network, GeoMechanique offers services to public, private, P3 and non-profit organizations toward the implementation, use and extension of the ArcGIS® platform for community empowerment.


GeoMechanique deploys and configures the ArcGIS® platform and its constituent components. For an initial deployment, we feature three jumpstart engagements, each resulting in a basic, functional ArcGIS system:

  • Web GIS – ArcGIS Online
  • Web + Desktop GIS – ArcGIS Online + ArcGIS Pro
  • Enterprise GIS – ArcGIS Enterprise*

*ArcGIS Pro, ArcGIS Online & the configuration of server roles are optional with an ArcGIS Enterprise deployment.

Our experience spans many different individual components, products and extensions across the ArcGIS platform. Contact us about a specific deployment scenario.


ArcGIS® Solutions are industry-specific configurations for the ArcGIS platform, providing patterns to facilitate easy deployment of productivity tools, web maps and applications. The Solution templates are provided by Esri and require some planning and technical effort to implement.

We support the following ArcGIS Solutions and offer services associated with their implementation and maintenance, including data migration, deployment of capabilities and solution updates:


  • Local Government
  • State Government
  • Emergency Management
  • Electric
  • Gas
  • Water
  • Parks & Gardens

We help our customers cultivate an ArcGIS® operating environment that demonstrates value, efficiency and accountability by leveraging industry trends, best practices and our ingenuity.


  • System monitoring
  • Data update workflows
  • Dashboarding and reporting tools
  • Content and release management
  • Mobile workforce integration
  • Integration of real-time feeds, IoT, big data, sensors, devices, drones & robotics

Providing full-service ArcGIS® consulting services, GeoMechanique engages with customers in system planning activities as well as scaling, integration and long-term management of their ArcGIS infrastructure.


  • ArcGIS Enterprise administration
  • ArcGIS system architecture & design
  • Server role deployments (e.g., GIS Server, Image Server / Raster Analytics, GeoAnalytics Server, GeoEvent Server)
  • Data governance & geodata management
  • Integration of business systems

We assist customers with the design and implementation of procedures and processes to maintain ArcGIS® software, applications and data stores.


  • Software upgrades
  • System migration
  • Application migration
  • Data migration
  • Data maintenance planning
  • Metadata management

GeoMechanique extends the ArcGIS® platform for all use cases and applications of the technology. If you can envision it, we can build it.


  • ArcGIS Pro/Desktop add-ins & extensions
  • ArcGIS Runtime (native) applications
  • Custom web & mobile Applications
  • Custom widgets
  • Custom web services
  • Geoprocessing scripts & workflows
  • Server object extensions & interceptors

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